Lusail Iconic Stadium
Lusail Iconic Stadium

Lusail Iconic Stadium

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Lusail Stadium location

Lusail Iconic Stadium is a stadium under construction in Lusail, Qatar. The 2022 FIFA World Cup final will be held in the stadium with modern facilities.

The Stadium is located in a newly developing area north of Doha, with direct road connections and a new metro line, the Lusail Iconic Stadium is considered to be the catalyst for the growth of the city of Lusail.

Solar energy-gathering metals have been used to shade parking and service areas, which will generate electricity when the stadium is in use, as well as generate electricity for neighboring buildings.

When did the construction of Lusail Stadium begin?

Construction officially began on April 11, 2017, and the final design was unveiled in December 2018.

Lusail Stadium architect

The stadium was designed by the British company Foster + Partners, which was supported by Manica Architecture, which specializes in sports design. During the construction phase, KIO consultants provided design services to the contractor as part of the design and construction.

KEO was replaced in 2018. The design includes an almost round base and will be surrounded by a loosening and connected to the car parking area by six bridges.

Lusail Stadium structure

The stadium has near-circular footprints and sits on the primary axis of the masterplan, splitting the edge of the stadium in two. Visitors will enter the field surrounded by water-reflecting ponds by crossing the ‘algae’ through six bridges.

Extends to small offices and hotels in the form of arrays from the water to the outside for pedestrians. The British designers wanted to reflect the craftsmanship in the interior structure of the stadium in the form of ancient Arab balls or bowls.

The saddle-shaped roof will appear to float above the concrete bowl, with one of the support columns forming a curved ring. The middle part is made in such a way that the open sky can be seen and can be moved backwards to cover completely.

The concave profile of the outer perimeter of the stadium incorporates the traditional Dao boat sail-shaped and manageable leverage system. Inside, the seating bowl is designed to enhance the viewer’s experience and atmosphere.

 VIP and hospitality arrangements are condensed around the pitch to create uninterrupted connection of the fans behind each target.

 Lusail stadium construction cost

The Lusail Stadium was built on a new development in the city of Lusail, on the northern outskirts of Doha on the Persian Gulf coast. Which cost about € 680 million to build.

Lusail Iconic Stadium
Lusail Iconic Stadium

Lusail Stadium Capacity

About 80,000 spectators can sit on the ground to watch a competitive football match and enjoy the match.

Lusail Stadium inauguration

Construction officially began on April 11, 2017, and the final design was unveiled in December 2018. The Lucille Stadium in Qatar was inaugurated on November 22, 2021.

 Frequently Asked Questions:

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When will Lucille Stadium be rebuilt?

After the World Cup, it is expected to be rebuilt into a 40,000-seat stadium. Extra seats will be removed, and other parts of the building will be reproduced as public space, including shops, cafes, athletic and educational facilities, and a health clinic.

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