Static Caravan Insurance

Static Caravan Insurance

Static Caravan Insurance

Static caravan insurance; If you own a static caravan holiday home you should consider insurance to cover your caravan as well as the contents. There are two levels of insurance for your static caravan; The static caravan itself and the content within the caravan.

What is static caravan insurance?

Static caravan insurance can provide cover against theft, liability, accidents, and damage. Although it is not a legal requirement, many home insurance policies do not cover static caravans. This means you won’t usually have protection against standard static caravan risks, such as coastal flooding. By purchasing static caravan insurance, you’ll be covered for damage and loss should the worst happen.

Static caravan insurance

Static caravan insurance will cover loss or damage to the static caravan. The insurance can be extended to a new one for the old policy if the caravan can be replaced with a new model if it is damaged to an extent that is beyond financial repair. If this is the case some insurance companies will replace the static caravan if it is less than 20 years old. The age under which the new applies to the old will vary from policy to policy. Some companies will only offer new for old caravans less than 10 years old. It is worth checking with the insurance company to determine the exact terms of the policy.

Contents can be insured under a general policy where the entire contents are covered by one value. If you have separate items of value that can be insured against such items to provide adequate cover.

Below are examples of covers:

• Substituting the new for the old.
• Alternative accommodation costs.
• Debris removal and resiting costs.
• Capitals and accessories.
• Public liability.
• Fatal accident.

Consideration should also be given to the applicable excess in the policy as it will vary from company to company. Also, check the policy details to determine the old cover and the new one for the additional cover offered.

When getting quotes make sure you get at least three, the more quotes you get the more likely you are to get better value for money. Getting quotes online can be a quick and easy method of getting multiple quotes.

What does static caravan insurance cover?

Our static caravan insurance can help protect you against many static caravan risks including theft, damage, natural disasters and even losing your keys. Even better, we can tailor policies to meet your specific needs. So, whether you let your caravan out to friends, use it as a holiday home or live in it permanently, we can offer a personalized package with the cover you need.

Intense static caravan insurance policies can include:

• The building and contents help protect your static caravan against physical damage or loss and may include accidental damage.
• Natural disaster cover will help protect you if a natural disaster damages your static caravan, such as a storm, flood or earthquake.
• Public liability covers up to £2.5 million as standard.
• Alternative accommodation and pitch fees if damage to your home makes it uninhabitable.
• Optional key cover with a new set and replacement lock if you lose your key.
• Emergency travel if you need to get to your static caravan home to oversee repairs following a claim or to reach primary accommodation if you are stranded.
• Malicious damage or vandalism cover if your property and contents are intentionally damaged.
• Replacement and fitting of lock covers for external doors, windows, and intruder alarms and cost of replacing and fitting locks in safes.
• Year-round cover whether your property is occupied or not.
• Optional covers are usually suitable for homeowners who rent out their static caravans, including:
• Extended accidental damage cover with protection for family and guests.
• Extended liability cover with public liability up to £5 million.

What is not covered?

Although our policies include a range of cover, there are certain risks that we do not cover. So, it’s a good idea to check your policy carefully to review any exclusions, such as:

• Normal wear and tear
• Damage caused by pets, insects, or vermin
• Accidental loss/damage due to faulty manufacturing
• Loss or damage due to poor security, such as doors being left open.

How much does static caravan insurance cost?

As with all insurance policies, the premium will depend on various factors, such as:
• The location of your static home – for example, if your static caravan is located in a high flood or storm risk area, you may receive a more substantial quote.
• The size of your static home – larger static caravans carry a higher premium than properties with smaller floor plans.
• The age of your static home – you may find that older static caravans require regular maintenance, and are therefore more expensive to insure. Whether you choose old or new for market value cover can also affect the cost.
• Your static home value – As with residential home insurance, you should expect to pay higher premiums for higher-value properties.

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