7 National Heroes of Bangladesh

7 National Heroes of Bangladesh

7 National Heroes of Bangladesh, 7 freedom fighters’ names, 7 Bir Sreshtho names with Rank.

7 Bir Sreshtho names with Rank

The highest military award in Bangladesh is given for the best heroism. This medal is given in recognition of a warrior who has shown unparalleled courage and self-sacrifice on the battlefield.

This medal has been given to seven freedom fighters who were martyred in the war of independence of Bangladesh.

Other military medals of Bangladesh awarded for heroism in the order of importance are – Bir Uttam, Bir Vikram, and Bir Pratik.

These medals were given after the liberation war in 1971. The names of the recipients were announced in a circular published in an additional issue of the Bangladesh Gazette on 15 December 1973.

7 freedom fighters’ names

1. Captain Mohiuddin Jahangir

Place of birth: District: Barisal, Upazila: Babuganj, Village: Rahimganj.

Born: March 7, 1949.

Designation: Captain.

Workplace: Army.

Gadget number: 01.

Martyred: December 14, 1971.

2. Sepoy Hamidur Rahman

Place of Birth: District: Jhenaidah, Upazila: Maheshpur, Village: Khordad Khalishpur.

Born: February 2, 1953.

Designation: Sepoy.

Workplace: Army.

Gadget number: 02.

Martyred: October 26, 1971.

3. Sepoy Md. Mostafa Kamal

Place of Birth: District: Bhola, Upazila: Daulatpur, Village: Mautupi.

Date of birth: December 16, 1947.

Surname: Sepoy,

Workplace: Army.

Gadget number: 03.

Martyred: April 18, 1971.

7 National Heroes of Bangladesh
7 National Heroes of Bangladesh

4. Birshreshtha Ruhul Amin

Place of Birth: District: Noakhali, Upazila: Sonaimuri, Village: Baghpanchara.

Born: 1935.

Designation: Squadron Engineer.

Workplace: Navy.

Gadget number: 04.

Martyred: December 10, 1971.

5. Birshreshtha Matiur Rahman

Place of birth: District: Narsingdi, Upazila: Raipura, Village: Ramnagar.

Date of birth: October 29, 1941.

Designation: Flight Lieutenant.

Workplace: Air Force.

Gadget number: 05.

Martyred: August 20, 1971.

6. Birshreshtha Munshi Abdur Rauf

Place of Birth: District: Faridpur, Upazila: Madhukhali, Village: Salamatpur.

Date of birth: May 1, 1943.

Designation: Lance Naik.

Workplace: EPR.

Gadget number: 06.

Martyred on April 8, 1971.

7. Birshreshtha Nur Mohammad Sheikh

Place of birth: District: Narail, Village: Mahishkhola.

Date of birth: February 26, 1936.

Designation: Lance Naik.

Workplace: EPR.

Gadget number: 07.

Martyred: September 5, 1971.

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