The best young players in the FIFA World Cup
The best young players in the FIFA World Cup

The best young players in the FIFA World Cup

The best young players in the FIFA World Cup.

The “FIFA World Cup Best Young Player Award” is redirected here. So far, six national teams have won the World Cup in a total of 21 events. The current champion is France. Second-time winner 1998, 2018.

Having won the World Cup 5 times, Brazil is the most successful team in the World Cup. Germany and Italy are joint seconds with 4 titles.

Uruguay has won two titles, the first (1930) and the fourth (1950) World Cup, among others Argentina and France twice and England and Spain once.

 At the age of 21, the best player of the tournament is awarded. The best young player at a glance) for the 2018 World Cup, it means that the player was born on January 1. This happened in 1997 or later. Selected on FIFA’s official World Cup website with the support of the FIFA Technical Study Group.

Between 1988 and 2002, FIFA conducted a survey on the Internet to select the “best young players” of the World Cup and announced the names of the best young players in each tournament.

The winners were Pel, who received 1% of the vote, Mexico’s youngest player, Teofilo Cubillas of Peru, and Michael Owen of England, who reached the same height in France at 98.

The best young players in the FIFA World Cup

Picture: The best young players in the FIFA World Cup

The best young player-age

World Cup: 1958-Sweden,

Country and name: Brazil, Pele-17.

World Cup: 1962 Chile,

Country and name: Hungary, Florian Albert-20.

World Cup: 1966 England,

Country and name: West America, Franz Beckenbauer-20.

World Cup: 1970 Mexico,

Country and name: Peru, Tefilo Cubilas-21.

World Cup: 1974 West Germany,

Country and name: Poland, Władyslaw udamuda-20.

World Cup: 1978 Argentina,

Country and name: Italy, International Cabrini-20.

World Cup: 1982 Spain,

Country and name: France, Manuel Amos-21.

World Cup: 1986 Mexico,

Country and name: Belgium, Scifo-20.

World Cup: 1990 Italy,

Country and Name: Yugoslavia Democratic Federal Republic Robert Prosinski-21.

World Cup: 1994 USA,

Country and name: Netherlands, Market Overmars-20.

World Cup: 1998 French,

Country and name: England, Michael Owen-18.

World Cup: 2002 South Korea – Japan,

Country and name: United States, Donovan-20.

World Cup: 2006 Germany,

Country and name: Germany, Padelsky-21.

World Cup: 2010 South Africa,

Country and name: Germany, Thomas Moeller-20.

World Cup: 2014 Brazil,

Country and name: France, Paul Pogba 21.

World Cup: 2018 Russia,

Country and name: France, Kylian Mbappe-19.

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