Nicknames of 32 teams in the World Cup 2022
Nicknames of 32 teams in the World Cup 2022

Nicknames of 32 teams in the World Cup 2022

Nicknames of 32 teams in the World Cup 2022

The World Cup is the greatest stage in international football where people, art, and culture from all over the world come together. It’s a month-long carnival where the best footballing nations lock horns for the final prize in football.

Almost every football team has nicknames that give them insight into their roots or their distinctive features. Usually, there is a story behind all these monikers which resonates well with the fans as well. This nickname will be used by commentators and journalists.

1. Argentina – La Albiceleste.

Argentina jerseys and flags are white and blue. That is why they are called La Albiceleste.

2. Brazil – Celesao.

 The nicknames of the big parties are probably known to almost everyone. But can you name the 32 teams that took part in the Qatar World Cup together? Or you can say what is the reason behind the names? Let’s take a look.

3. Australia- Sakaruz

The term ‘Sakaruz’ is coined by Sydney-based journalist Tony Horsted. The kangaroo ‘ru’ is a combination of the English ‘soccer’ with an emphasis on the kangaroo, the national animal of Australia.

4. Iran- Tim Meli

Tim Meli is a Persian word. Which means ‘national team’. Another nickname for Iran is ‘Shiran-i-Iran’ which means ‘Lion of Iran’. Another name is ‘Shirdelan’ which means ‘Lion’s Heart’ and they are also known as ‘Princess of Persia’ or ‘Prince of Persia’.

5. Japan- Samurai Blue

Japan is famous for samurai warriors. That is why their national football team is also called ‘Samurai Blue.

6. Qatar – The Maroon

The nickname of the Qatar football team hosting the World Cup is ‘The Maroon’. It basically refers to the maroon color of their home jersey.

7. Saudi Arabia – Al Akhdar

Saudi Arabia has a few nicknames. The most popular is Al Akhdar. Meaning “. They say ‘As-Sakar al-Akhdar’ means ‘green hawk’. Another nickname ‘Al-Sakar Al-Arabiya’ means ‘Arabian hawk’.

8. South Korea- Teguke Warriors

Proponents often refer to South Korea as “The Reds.” The color of their primary jersey is red. The other names of the team are ‘Teguke Warriors’ and ‘Lions of Asia’. Tegu is a symbol of the South Korean flag.

9. Cameroon- La Lions Indomitable

Cameroon is called ‘Les Lions Indemitable’ in Bengali which means ‘African Indomitable Lion’.

10. Ghana- Black Stars

Ghana is called the ‘Black Stars’ because they have a black star in the middle of their flag.

11. Morocco – The Atlas Lions

Morocco, which has participated in the World Cup six times, is nicknamed ‘The Atlas Lions. Their national animal is the barbarian lion. Whose other name is Atlas Singh? This endangered species of the lion is now found only in Morocco.

12. Senegal- Lions of Teranga

‘Teranga’ is a Senegalese word. It means ‘beautiful hospitality’. This is how Senegal is known as Teranga Lions.

13. Tunisia- Eagles of Carthage

Carthage is an ancient city in Tunisia, the capital of the ancient Carthaginian civilization. The country’s football federation has pictures of eagles. That is why they are called the Eagle of Carthage.

14. Canada- The Reds

Canada is called ‘The Reds’ because the color of the home jersey is red. Another name for the national flag is ‘Maples Leaf’ or ‘Maple Leaf Country.

15. Costa Rica- Los Ticos

‘Tico’ is a dialect of Spanish-speaking people in Costa Rica. This is how the team got the name ‘The Tiko’. They have two other names – The Selection (La Cile) and The Tricolor (La Tricolor).

16. Mexico- El Tree

El tree in Mexican means three colors. It indicates the three colors of their national flag.

17. Ecuador – La Tree

Ecuador is called La Tree, with the three colors of the national flag.

18. Uruguay – La Celeste

La Celeste in Latin means azure-blue. It indicates the color of their jersey.

19. Belgium- Die Rotten Tufel

The German word dies rotten level means ‘Red Devils’ or ‘Red Devil’. Inspired by the color of the 1906 jersey, former manager Pierre Walcliers added the name to Belgium.

20. Croatia- Kokasti

Croatia is known as ‘Kokasti’ or ‘The Checkered Ones’ for the Bahari Czech design on the national flag.

21. Denmark- The Rod-V

The Danish word The Rod-V means red and white. It indicates the color of Denmark’s main jersey.

22. England- Three Lions

The logo of the England jersey has three lions. This is how the name came to be known.

Nicknames of 32 teams in the World Cup 2022
Nicknames of 32 teams in the World Cup 2022

23. France- La Blues

The color of the national football team jersey is blue. That is why the name of France is ‘La Blues’.

24. Germany- Nationalleaf

Germany is called ‘Nationalleaf’ to mean eleven footballers. They are also known as ‘DFB Eleven’. Currently, the most popular name is ‘Die Manshot’.

25. Netherlands- Orange

The Netherlands is called ‘Orange’ because of the orange color of the jersey. If you play well in a match, it is said that the Netherlands has created an ‘orange storm’ on the field.

 26. Poland- Biato-Chaboni

It is difficult to pronounce difficult words in English. However, the Polish easily say Biato-chaboni. Which means white-red.

27. Portugal- OS Navigadores

Portugal is the land of all famous sea explorers. Os Navigadores means ‘The Navigators’ or sailors. This is how Cristiano Ronaldo came to be known by this name.

28. Serbia- Orlvi

Orlvi means eagle in Serbian. It symbolizes the two-headed eagle, the national symbol of Serbia.

29. Spain- La Roha

La Roha means ‘The Red One. Another name is La Furia Roha or ‘The Red Fury’.

Switzerland- Rosocrossiati

Rosocrosity means ‘Red Cross’. The Swiss national football team is also known as ‘Nati’.

31. Wells- The Dragons

The flag of Wales has a picture of a fiery dragon. This is how Gareth Bale’s team came to be known as The Dragons.

United States- Star Stripes

The name coincides with the star of the national flag and the stripe logo of the United States Football Federation. Their other name is ‘The Yanks’.

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