Lionel Messi story of a legend
Lionel Messi story of a legend

Lionel Messi story of a legend

Lionel Messi story of a legend

Messi birthday date

Lionel Messi is an Argentine professional football player. Born: June 24, 1987. Place of birth: Rosario, Argentina. Age: 35 years old (2022). His full name is Lionel Andres Messi. Height: 5 feet 7 inches. Location: Forward. He played in the PSG club of League One, the highest level professional football competition in France, and played as an offensive player for the Argentine national football team.

He is the captain of the Argentina national team. La Liga, the Copa del Rey has enriched his career, winning six Ballon d’Or, starting with the UEFA Champions League trophy. Including the World Cup; After being defeated in 2014, he had to return empty-handed. Finally, with a lead from the front, he won the 2021 Copa America trophy and silenced the critics. Born and raised in central Argentina, Messi suffered from growth hormone complications at an early age. Because no club in Argentina could bear the cost of his treatment.

But when Barcelona took charge of his treatment, at the age of 13 he signed a contract with them and moved to Spain. He began to show his talent in the Barcelona youth project and made his debut for Barcelona in October 2004 at the age of 18. Although he was injured early in his professional football career. Because, by 2006 he became an integral part of the team. He finished third in the 2006 Ballon d’Or and second in the FIFA World Player of the Year award. The following year he finished second in both awards, and the following year he won both awards for the first time.

 Messi Nickname

Argentine star Lionel Messi’s nickname is “Atomic Fee”. He is also called the Messiah. Lionel Messi is the Little Magician. His ancestral home was in Acona, Italy. Angelo Messi, one of his ancestors, moved to Argentina in 1883. Messi has two older brothers and a younger sister. Big brother Rodrigo and Matthias and little sister Maria Sol. At the age of five, Messi started playing football for the local club Grandoli, coached by his father Jorge.

Messi’s family

Marital partner: Antonella Roccuzzo
Children: Thiago Messi, Mateo Messi, Ciro Messi
Parents: Jorge Orasio Messi (father), Celia Maria Cuccittini (mother).

Goal machine

In 1995, Messi joined Roselio-based club Nails Old Boys. At the same time, Messi became a member of a local youth power club, which lost a game over the next four years, and became known locally as “the machine of that”. The reason for calling him “the machine of the” is also interesting. Because those who were known at that time were named with the year of birth (1987). (Lionel Messi story of a legend)

Growth hormone problems

He was obsessed with football from an early age, which made him easily known locally, but at the age of 11, Messi developed a growth hormone problem. Although the local club River Plate showed interest in Messi, it was not possible for them to bear the cost of Messi’s treatment at that time. The amount was US$ 900 per month. As a result, Messi’s future is uncertain.

At a time when Messi’s future was uncertain, Barcelona’s sports director Carles Rexach came to Messi’s side because he was fascinated by his talent. During the contract with Messi, he signed the contract with Messi’s father on a napkin paper without any paper in hand. Barcelona agreed to bear all the costs of Messi’s treatment. Then Messi and his father moved to Barcelona. There, Messi joined Barcelona’s youth academy La Masia and resumed his playing career with renewed vigor.

Journey to Barcelona Club

He played for the Infantile B, Cadet B and Cadet A teams at the Barcelona Youth Academy from 2000 to 2003. He has scored 37 goals in 30 games for Cade. He was almost dropped from the club in 2003 due to financial constraints, but the club’s management decided to keep him on the team, along with a pair of youth coaches.

In the 2003–04 season, Messi played in five different teams, a record. He scored 1 goal in Hovenil B team and got a chance to play in Hovenil A team. There he scored 21 goals in 14 matches. He made his debut on 29 November 2003 in Barcelona C (Terracea Division) and on 6 March 2004 in Barcelona B (Sehunda Division). He played for both teams that season, scoring 5 goals in 10 games for Group C and 0 goals in 5 games for Group B. Before making his debut for the two teams, Messi made his official debut on 16 November 2003 in a friendly match against Porto (16 years and 145 days old).

Debut in La Liga

On 16 October 2004, Messi made his La Liga debut as the third-youngest player in Barcelona against Espanyol (17 years and 114 days old). However, in September 2006, Boan Kirkich took over. On 1 May 2005, Messi (17 years, 10 months and 7 days old) became the youngest player in Barcelona to score a goal against Balompay in Albacete in La Liga.

However, this record was broken by Boan Kirkich in 2006. Boyan scored from Messi’s pass. “I will never forget that he started my career, he had confidence in me when I was only 16 or 17 years old,” Messi said of his former coach Frank Rijkaard. That season, Messi played for Barcelona B and scored 6 goals in 16 games. (Lionel Messi story of a legend)

Spanish citizenship

On 16 September 2005, Barcelona renewed their contract with Lionel Messi for the second time. During this time, Messi’s salary as a key player was increased and his contract was extended until 2014. On 26 September 2005, Messi was granted Spanish citizenship and allowed to play in La Liga. On 27 September, Messi made his Champions League debut at home against Italian club Udinese.

When he entered the field, the spectators at Camp Nou stood to greet him. Messi has scored 6 goals in 17 matches in La Liga and 1 goal in 6 matches in the Champions League. On 7 March 2006, Messi broke his right thigh in the second leg of the Champions League match against Chelsea. As a result, he had to finish the season at that time. Under Rizkard that season, Barcelona finished the season as champions of Spain and Europe.

Rejected invitation to play in Spanish U-20 team

 As an Argentine-Spanish national, Messi was invited to play for the Spanish Under-20 national football team in 2004. But Messi refused. In June 2004, he played his first friendly match for Argentina’s Under-20 team against Paraguay. He played for Argentina at the 2005 South American Youth Championships, where Argentina finished third. Argentina won the 2005 FIFA Youth Championship, scoring six goals and winning the Golden Ball and the Golden Boot for the best player of the tournament.

The new Maradona

He repeated some of the famous goals of the legendary Diego Maradona in the 2006-07 season and introduced himself as the ‘new Maradona’. Messi scored a pair of goals against Khetaf in the Copa del Rey semi-final on 18 April 2007. One of which was Maradona’s second goal against England in the quarter-finals of the 1986 World Cup, the best goal of the century.

The world’s sports media began to compare Messi to Maradona, and the Spanish media dubbed him “Macedona.” Messi scored a goal against Espanyol, just as Maradona did in the World Cup in Mexico 21 years ago, which was similar to Maradona’s ‘Hand of God’ goal. This is Maradona’s first goal in the 1986 World Cup quarter-finals. (Lionel Messi story of a legend).

Messi False 9

After winning the 2009 UEFA Super Cup, Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola moved Messi from the right wing to the False Nine position. Earlier, former Barcelona manager Frank Rizcard decided to bring Messi from the left side of the field to the right wing so that Messi could easily enter the middle of the field and shoot or cross with his left foot. But in the beginning it was against Messi’s will.

Lionel Messi story of a legend
Lionel Messi story of a legend

Taking over the captaincy of Barcelona

In August 2016, Lionel Messi took over as captain of Barcelona. Messi is the highest scorer in the history of Argentine football. In terms of age, he helped Argentina win the 2005 FIFA Youth Championship, where he won the Top Scorer and Best Player awards.

Taking over the captaincy in Argentina

He won a gold medal in football for Argentina at the 2008 Summer Olympics. He made his debut for the Argentina national team in August 2005. He became the youngest Argentine player to score in the 2006 FIFA World Cup. He won the Young Player of the Year award at the 2006 Copa Amrica.

Argentina was in second place in that event. In August 2011, he took over as captain of the Argentina team. As captain, he has played three consecutive finals for Argentina; 2014 FIFA World Cup, 2015 Copa America and 2018 Copa America. Lionel Messi has won the Golden Ball award at the 2014 World Cup. Messi announced his retirement from the national team in 2016, but a few months later he changed his mind and returned to the national team.

He confirmed Argentina’s participation in the World Cup by scoring three goals in a crucial match of the 2018 World Cup qualifiers. He led the team to the 2018 World Cup and the 2019 Copa America. In the end, he won the Copa America 2021.

PSG from Barcelona

Earn £ 960,000 per week. He is one of the best players of the present time. In terms of which he is the highest paid player of the present time. He spent 21 long years in Barcelona. He grew up in Barcelona and is known as one of the best players in the world, but in the 2021-2022 season, the Catalan club could not sign Messi according to La Liga rules. According to him, Messi was bought by French club PSG.

Messi’s total goal

Barcelona and PSG: 694 goals in 644 matches for the club.
Argentina National: 86 goals in 162 matches for the national team.

Messi’s total assists

He has made a total of 331 assists for the club and the national team.

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