Euro Cup winners list
Euro Cup winners list

Euro Cup winners list

Euro Cup winners list, The history of the Euro Cup, Who has won the most Euro Cups?

The UEFA European Championship (commonly known as the UEFA European Football Championship and unofficially known as the Euro) is a preliminary football competition in which the men’s national football team of the European Football Association (UEFA) members compete.

The winning team in this competition has won the title of European Champion.

The history of the Euro Cup

The tournament has been held every four years since 1960, and every two years during the World Cup. It was originally known as the European Nations Cup but was renamed in 1968.

The competition has been referred to as UEFA Euro in almost all subsequent events since 1996; This format has been responsibly applied in previous sessions.

Before participating in the competition, all teams except the host country (those who qualify automatically) participate in the qualifying round. Until 2016, the winning team in the competition would automatically qualify for the FIFA Confederations Cup, but this was not mandatory.

How many teams have won the European Cup?

A total of 10 national teams have so far won 16 European Championship titles: Germany and Spain three, France and Italy two each and the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, the Netherlands, Denmark, Greece, and Portugal one each.

To date, Spain is the only team in the history of this competition to have won the title twice in a row; After winning the title in 2008, Spain was able to win the title again in 2012.

It is the second most popular football tournament in the world after the FIFA World Cup; the 2012 final was watched by nearly three million spectators worldwide.

Who has won the most Euro Cups?

Germany and Spain have won the Euro Cup three times in a row.

Euro 2021/2021

The latest event is being held in 11 European countries in 2020; Italy beat England 3-2 in a penalty shoot-out after a 1-1 draw in extra time in the final at Wembley Stadium in London to win the title for the second time since 1968 in tournament history.

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Euro Cup Champion List

Year: 1960 France,

Champion: Soviet Union 2-1 Yugoslavia.

Year: 1964 Spain,

Champion: Spain 2-1 Soviet Union.

Year: 1968 Italy,

Champion: Italy 1-1 Yugoslavia.

2-0. (Penalty Shoot Out),

Year: 1972 Belgium,

Champion: West Germany 3-0 Soviet Union.

Year: 1976 Yugoslavia,

Champion: Czechoslovakia 2-2 West Germany.

5-3. (Penalty Shoot Out),

Year: 1980 Italy,

Champion: West Germany 2-1 Belgium.

Year: 1984 France,

Champion: France 2-0 Spain.

Year: 1988 West Germany,

Champion: Netherlands 2-0 Soviet Union.

Year: 1992 Sweden,

Champion: Denmark 2-0 Germany.

Year: 1996 England,

Champion: Germany 2-1 Czech Republic.

Year: 2000 Belgium,

 Champion: France 2-1 Italy.

Year: 2004 Portugal,

Champion: Greece 1-0 Portugal.

Year: 2008 Austria,

Champion: Spain 1-0 Germany.

Year: 2012 Poland,

Champion: Spain 4-0 Italy.

Year: 2016 France,

Champion: Portugal 1-0 France.

Year: 2020 (2021) Europe.

Champion: Italy 1-1 England.

Penalty 3-2.

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