Short Essay on student life
Short Essay on student life

Short Essay on student life

Short Essay on student life


Student life is the seed of your life, it must be sown well. In student life, one has to work hard to acquire knowledge and knowledge. A student gets the joy of victory after crossing the solid wall called examination. Being able to persevere hard is the main symptom of student life. (Short Essay on student life).

Student life Essay for Class 10


  • For a student, every event in his student life is a test. —Carlfried Graf Durkheim.
  • Student life is the golden time when gold is not needed.—-Alka Tiwari.

Student life Essay for Class 9



Education has no age. People learn forever. But the whole life of a person is not called student life. The period of early life spent in schools, colleges, and universities for learning is called student life. That is, when students are studying in an educational institution for knowledge of textbooks, then their life is called student life. Student life is the right time to sow the seeds of future life. Success in future life can be achieved if the responsibilities of student life are fulfilled with great devotion.

Cost of Student Life:

Student life is the best time to shape the beautiful future of people. If human life is compared to a tree, then student life is the root of that tree. The stronger the roots of a tree, the stronger the tree. That tree will not be uprooted by storms or natural calamities. Human life is like that. The harder he works in his student life, the stronger his foundation for future life will be. If you waste this precious time of life, sorrow, misery, and disappointment will come in the future life.

Main goals and objectives of student life:

The main aim and objective of student life are to become an ideal person by acquiring knowledge. only Passing exams and getting a few certificates do not fulfill the purpose of student life. The purpose of student life lies in becoming a worthy and noble person. Characteristic, self-confident, polite, modest, philanthropic, etc. qualities should also be acquired by the students. And they can be achieved only through hard work and hard work.

Responsibilities and duties of student life:

The students of today are the responsible citizens of the country in the future. Today’s children are the leaders of the state in the future. Therefore, every student must strive hard to fulfill their responsibilities as worthy and dutiful citizens of the future of the nation. They should always be vigilant in fulfilling their duties and responsibilities. Students have many responsibilities and duties. However, acquiring education and building character is the main and first task of students.

Responsibilities and duties of parents:

Parents are our elders. It is because of the presence of parents that we have appeared in Pathibi. They always wish the child well. It is the moral responsibility of every student to follow their guidance. What they command must be obeyed, and what they forbid must be obeyed.

Showing respect to teachers and elders:

It is the duty of every student to show respect to teachers and elders. Talk to them politely. Teachers are guides. If you can proceed on the path indicated by them in life. Success is possible.


Every student needs to be hardworking and diligent in acquiring knowledge. Those who have left an indelible legacy on earth, their talent was mainly the result of hard work and perseverance. A student needs to strive for learning through hard work, self-effort, and self-confidence through the regular practice of knowledge and awakening keen intellect. Then it will be easier for them to achieve success in life.

Character Formation:

Students need a developed character to apply the acquired knowledge effectively. It is their duty to put themselves above narrow-mindedness and selfishness, the practice of blasphemy, injustice, and untruth, and devote themselves to the penance of possessing a selfless and greedless heart. The real man is one in whom knowledge and character come together. Success in his life is inevitable. In order to form a sweet character in the students, they should acquire the qualities of devotion and respect for elders, affection for Allah, kindness, truthfulness, humility, forgiveness, tolerance, etc.

Good health:

Health is the root of all happiness. Keeping this in mind, the students should follow the rules of health protection properly. If the body is not healthy, there will be no cheerfulness in mind and education will not be possible. Therefore, it is very important to maintain a fit body and a healthy life by following regular hygiene rules.


Students have many responsibilities and duties towards society. Our students can help in many welfare works of the society. Students play a very effective role in eradicating illiteracy. Moreover, they have the responsibility to remove ignorance, illiteracy, illiteracy, and superstition from society and make people aware of food, nutrition, population control, etc. In natural calamities like floods, cyclones, and other epidemics, students can form student brigades to greatly benefit the affected people.

Benefits of student life:

The self-expression of the students is achieved through the unremitting pursuit of building good character and good health by acquiring knowledge with relentless pursuit and concentration, practicing all human qualities. They are aware of their responsibility toward society and are inspired by the initiation of patriotism and philanthropy. They are bright with the spirit of generosity and sacrifice. They are the light of hope, life in the country, and national life. They are the invincible Durbar soldiers who survive in the face of war and face national calamities.


Student life is the best time of human life. Student life is the best time to master everything that is good for human life. A strong foundation for future life should be established by faithfully fulfilling the responsibilities and duties of this time. Only then will success in life and the crown of glory be achieved.

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