Physical exercise Essay 500 words
Physical exercise Essay 500 words

Physical exercise Essay 500 words

Physical exercise Essay 500 words


Health is wealth. Without good health, it is not possible for people to do any difficult work in life. Temple of ill health.

Physical exercise composition 300 Words



A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. And a healthy and beautiful mind can give birth to a developed nation. Only a healthy and developed nation can make the country climb to the golden peak of development and prosperity. If I arrange this sequence of the prosperity of the country in order, I get – a healthy body → healthy mind → developed nation → developed country. That is, the word of the body is physical health. For this, regular exercise is required. Because physical exercise opens the way to physical strength and good health. (Physical exercise Essay).

What is Physical Exercise?

Any physical activity that increases the fitness of every part of the body and overall health is called exercise. It has effective contributions in various fields. For example, increasing muscle strength, sharpening physical strength and endurance, maintaining proper body weight, maintaining physical balance, and giving pleasure, etc.

The necessity of Physical Exercise:

The modern age is the age of science. New and modern inventions of science have greatly reduced the scope of human manual labor. As a result, the need for physical exercise is very high nowadays. Because physical activity and every part of the body can’t be kept healthy and dynamic, muscle strength will eventually deteriorate. Regular physical activity increases physical mobility and helps to get rid of disease progression.

Exercise keeps the internal organs of the body such as the heart, liver, kidney, pancreas, and other endocrine glands dynamic and balanced in the flow of hormones and increases immunity. As a result, it keeps people free from diseases like heart disease, asthma, diabetes, and physical obesity. It also improves mental health and helps people to be free from depression and anxiety. Obesity in children is also a growing concern in today’s world.

Efforts are being made to solve this problem through exercise in developed countries. To live well in life, people have to do a lot of physical and mental effort to make life successful. This work is possible only for people with healthy bodies and minds. In order to have a successful life, what Rabindranath said is necessary – “I want speech, I want health, happiness-bright love, courage-wide chest.” As a result, there is no alternative to exercise. The necessity of physical exercise for the development of society and the country by making oneself healthy and strong is undeniable.

Ways to Physical Exercise:

The conscious effort of the human mind by adopting the means of physical exercise is very important. The activity of the external and internal organs of the body is equally important for complete health. Sports, swimming, running, cycling, etc. are done in various ways. Appropriate sports are the basic step of physical exercise because through sports the muscles of the body become stronger and stronger. All should be made interested in physical activity and health-conscious from childhood through appropriate sports and various types of exercise in an open environment. Another way of physical exercise is yoga. Various types of sports including yoga are particularly beneficial for physical activity. But in this case, it should be noted that irregular exercise is harmful to the body. As a result, regular. The body should be healed by exercise and moderate and adequate food intake. (Physical exercise Essay).

Benefits of Physical Exercise:

If the body is good, the mind is also good. Success in all work depends on peace of mind. A sick or troubled mind does not encourage action. A weak mind does not help in any advanced thinking. But this weak mind can be strengthened by exercise. So not only the body is strengthened by exercise, but the mind is also strengthened. Regular exercise keeps our body fresh. Our body is a special machine. Just as the machine rusts if it is driven regularly, the body also becomes incapacitated if the day is spent lazily. As a result, we do not have an appetite, digestion is not good; Many diseases are caused. But regular exercise can get rid of all these diseases. Exercise increases our appetite, and improves digestion. Lung and liver function are also good. No matter how great a scholar you are, if your body is not healthy, that knowledge is of no use.

Bad effects of Physical Exercise:

Sometimes excess exercise does more harm than good. But it’s not the exercise’s fault. I will do what my body can bear. If you do it in excess, the body will get sick. But to play all these labor-intensive games, the food required must be consumed regularly. If the engine is not oiled regularly, it will not run, similarly, if the food is consumed regularly and as required, the body machinery also breaks down. Moreover, the hard work that boys do to win the game is not good for their health.


Since the beginning of civilization, physical exercise has started to increase physical strength. For any creation, therefore, to make life beautiful and meaningful, one must pay attention to regular exercise.

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