My aim in life essay 500 words
My aim in life essay 500 words

My aim in life essay 500 words

My aim in life essay 500 words


Like every conscious person, I have a purpose in life. I passed childhood and entered adolescence. After much thought, I set this specific goal. One of the goals of human life should be the welfare of others. This can be done in many ways.

Essay on my aim in life


Introduction: Life is like a dewdrop on a lotus leaf – Human life is really short, brief, and fleeting. But still, the human being is the best creature in creation, human life is rare. To make a short life worthwhile and beautiful in the measure of the eternity of the universe. A definite need for a specific goal or plan. A life without a goal is like a boat without a rudder. It is possible to achieve the desired success in life if you proceed with hard work, dedication, perseverance, and concentration keeping the set goals in mind.

The necessity of Goal Setting

The necessity of setting goals in human life is immense. I have thought about this from a very young age. He was young then, so his mind was restless. But that fickle mind had infinite curiosity. I used to look around the world and nature, I used to be happy with what I saw. I used to think when I grew up watching airplanes fly in the sky making loud noises. I will be a pilot. Sometimes I read the writings of Rabindranath or Kazi Nazrul and thought that one day I will be a world-famous writer like them. But after growing up a bit, when I gained a little bit of knowledge, I realized that nothing can happen if you want it. For him, I want to have extraordinary talent, I want to have the talent given by the creator. So deciding what to do in life is the most important thing.

What do I want to be and do?

I want to become a doctor and provide medical services to people. There is no greater religion in human life than serving people. Moreover, in our populous country, the number of skilled doctors is insufficient compared to the need, so the plight of poor and miserable people with diseases is endless. So I have decided on my life goal with much thought. That I will be a doctor when I grow up. In fact, one of the objectives of my setting this goal is human service.

Why do I want to be a doctor?

Most of the people of our country are living below the poverty line. A painful feeling has accumulated in my mind because of the pathetic pictures of life that I have seen all around my life. I always feel an urge to change such a painful situation. And that is standing next to poor people, doing something for them. Due to poverty, they are always deprived of proper medical care. Thousands of aspirants in the country die prematurely every year. The life and death of these helpless people largely depend on the doctors.

Therefore, I have chosen such a great goal as one of the ways to serve these helpless people. In fact, medical care in our country has become limited and expensive.vAs the number of doctors is less in proportion to the huge population of the country, the common people in the villages are deprived of good medical services due to the city-oriented attitude of the doctors. More and more doctors now have a business mentality rather than service. So as a dedicated prana doctor, I want to become a good doctor in the future.

Ways to achieve the goal

At present, I am a student in class IX. I will study well to achieve my desired goal, to pass SSC and HSC with a GPA of 5. After passing HSC I will get admission to medical college. After studying in medical college for five years, after passing MBBS, I will become an efficient doctor and stand beside the poor and helpless people of this country. my career I will engage in human service. I want to live among people through noble work like human service.

Public Service and Career

I want to start a career as a specialist doctor. Not accepting government jobs. I will see patients independently. For this reason, I will choose the place of village i.e. Upazila level. Although the city is a good place to earn more money, I have no interest in money. A good city doctor does not want to live in a village. As a result, rural people have to come to the city for the treatment of complex diseases. But the financial distress of these rural poor people is so obvious that they cannot afford to come to the city for treatment. As a result, thousands of people die every year without treatment.

I want to serve those poor people of the village. They will have access to free medical care. I will collect certain fees from the rich. My desire is to create a systematic model of healthcare for the people in the villages. So that the people of villages deprived of medical services get proper medical services.


Medicine is a noble profession. The medical profession is completely different from the illustrious professions of lawyers, engineers, economists, and magistrates. Money is earned in the medical profession and direct opportunities for human service can also be gained. So I want to be a doctor considering everything. In fact, as a human being, it is my ultimate desire to become a good doctor and serve humanity forever.

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