Discipline essay for Class 10
Discipline essay for Class 10

Discipline essay for Class 10

Discipline essay for Class 10


1000 word Essay on Discipline

There is a proverb in English–“The Battle of Waterloo was won at the playground of Eton and Harrow”. In other words, the Duke of Wellington was able to win against the ruthless hero Napoleon in the afterlife because of the strict discipline and orderliness that Etnet observed on the field of play. (Discipline essay).

Discipline essay for Class 10



Discipline is the way people do things in their daily life according to the rules. And discipline is born through the sincere acceptance and practice of discipline. Discipline is an essential feature of human life, which plays a helpful role in making everything worthwhile in life. Discipline in personal and social life brings a peaceful normal life.

Discipline Key:

Discipline is sincere obedience to rules and following them. Discipline and discipline are not limited to accepting or rejecting certain state regulations. Family life, social life, and all walks of life have unwritten rules that people have to follow. Order is involved in all the world’s work and even the expansive nature of the world order is evident. At home, abroad, in the state, and in nature, wherever there is an exception to order, disaster has occurred. Discipline is a spontaneous expression of human obedience. (Discipline essay).

Discipline and Nature:

Order exists in all aspects of cosmic nature. The moon, the sun, the planets, everything goes through the rules. The other planets follow the same rules as the Earth rotates in its orbit. In the name of the mountain spring, the spring meets the river and the river flows into the sea. The tide comes in the water of the river, and the ebb also comes. Monsoon comes, winter comes, spring comes. The new moon darkening the world draws a black curtain over the world. It hides everything in the world. The full moon comes again. The entire world is revealed in soft light. All this is happening in accordance with the rules and regulations. If there is an exception to this, the world will fall into chaos. People will lose their normal lives. In the zoological forest, there is also order in animal life. If there was no discipline in their food, living, living, then the animals of the forest would come down to the bazaar, and the birds would sing in a concert.

Discipline in student life:

Student life serves as the primary foundation for everything people learn and achieve in life. If there is no discipline in student life, he will not get any achievement at the end of his life. Discipline drives people in order, so if it is practiced in student life, irregularity and chaos do not enter the life of any student. On the other hand, it is impossible for a student who does not follow the rules to work on time. As a result, a kind of negative idea is born in the student’s mind while going backward. It is even easier for him to go astray when he loses enthusiasm and makes his life meaningless. Undisciplined students are not welcome in the student body and in the faculty. On the other hand, disciplined student-teacher affection gets the opportunity to improve life by gaining favor and patronage. Therefore, it is important to be disciplined in student life.

Discipline in society and national life:

Human social life is organized life. The need for order in corporate life. If there is no order in a society, its beautiful structure collapses. When there is a lack of order in social life, a boisterous group emerges. As a result tyranny, looting and anti-social activities increase in society. Where there is no rule and order, anyone can easily practice arbitrariness. As a result, there is an opportunity for the powerful to exercise their power over the relatively lower-class people. And because of this, the social security of common people is disrupted. So there is no room to deny the necessity of discipline in social life. There is a need for discipline in national life as well. A state becomes a dysfunctional state if there is no tendency among all its citizens to abide by the rules. And a dysfunctional state means anarchy and unlimited corruption. Disciplined nations are able to climb the pinnacle of development very quickly. Discipline can be said to be a sign of civilized society. Therefore, in the need for national progress of the nation and as residents of a civilized society, we all should accept law and order as an inevitable part of life.

Importance of Discipline:

Man wants to build his desired life in constant struggle. Life evolves automatically. To lead life to a successful outcome, we need a favorable environment for life. And bring order to life. It is a favorable environment. Discipline moves life forward to a better future. The importance of discipline is easy to understand. Looking at the life of a soldier. A large army strictly adheres to discipline in battle. If discipline is broken. Defeat on the battlefield is certain. So the boldness of military life is all about discipline. The developed countries of the world are making great progress by adopting discipline. Hence the importance of discipline in individual and national life is immense.

Consequences of Indiscipline:

Indiscipline results in chaos. The destruction of a society without discipline is inevitable. In a society, without order, no one hesitates to take the law into his own hands. As a result, the weak are beaten by the strong. unlimited Arbitrariness brings harm to society. Examples of countries in the world that do not practice discipline can easily be given. As a result, despite trying to improve for ages, they are not meeting improvement, instead, the rebellion of extremists is spreading inside the country. Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and other countries are in the hands of the government, and the other half is in the hands of the rebel extremists because of a lack of loyalty to order. This situation cannot be a sign of a civilized nation. Therefore, the state should take proper supervision when the law and order are disturbed so that the ultimate fate of the nation is saved. The nation can be saved from dire consequences only if the violators of law and order are brought under the law.


The behavior of a disciplined person reveals the signs of a good citizen. Practicing discipline is essential to give an aesthetic end to life. The individual success of a citizen is in a large sense the name of national success. Therefore, if progress and improvement are desired in national life, disciplined citizens are the most necessary.

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